Rumor Alert: New ‘PSP2′ arriving right after E3?

Evenin’ ladies and gents, Frozencry here. I’d like to inform you all of some ‘info’ I’ve stumbled upon from a very big gaming retailer which I will not name. It relates to the rumoured new PSP in the works. In fact, it looks like some damned solid evidence that the PSP2 is not only a reality, but it should be arriving VERY soon; as in, sometime right after E3.

The info came about when the retailer I work for was low in stock for PSP units. So curiously, we inquired about it to our Head Office, and our answer? It went something along the lines of “There will be no more issues of the PSP, as we are currently awaiting for restock of a new PSP model.” Now, If that isn’t some damned solid proof that a new ‘PSP2′ is in the works, I don’t know what is.

Nonetheless, we shall see in a few days, as the behemoth that is E3 is almost upon us. Let the rumours and speculations and all that mumbo jumbo begin.

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